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MicroBolt B™

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  • Highest quality liquid EDTA chelated micronutrients
  • Quality, precision placement, seed and foliar safe
  • Low impurities
  • 100% EDTA chelated
  • Highly stable

NACHURS 100% EDTA chelated micronutrients are designed to be combined with NACHURS liquid starters and foliars, allowing the product to be placed directly with the seed at planting time, or on the plant foliage. NACHURS products have a neutral pH and are low in both salt index and impurities. Placement with the seed allows the EDTA chelated micronutrients along with the available phosphorus and potassium to be taken up at the critical early stages of growth to maximize yield potential.

NACHURS EDTA chelated micronutrients are formulated to mix with NACHURS fertilizers on the plant foliage, allowing for fast absorption into the plant in a very short period of time. This rapid uptake at critical growth stages promotes plant health and increased yield potential.

NACHURS liquid starters and foliars when mixed with NACHURS EDTA chelated micronutrients are immediately available to the plant during the critical early stages of growth.

NUTRIENTS SUPPLIED (pounds per gallon)

Boron (B) - 1.09
Derived From: Boric acid
Trace element for prevention and correction of micronutrient deficiency.


Weight: 10.9 lbs. per gallon
Specific gravity: 1.33 kg/L
pH: 7.0 - 7.5
Appearance: clear, yellowish liquid
Odor: Mild odor


NACHURS MicroBolt B™ micronutrients are intended for use in a complete crop nutritional program where a soil and/or plant tissue analysis has indicated a boron deficiency. NACHURS MicroBolt B™ micronutrients may be applied with NACHURS liquid fertilizers, other liquid fertilizers, fertilizers suspensions, nitrogen solutions, or water. Do NOT apply boron in seed-placed starter fertilizer for corn, soybeans, dry beans, small grains, grasses, cucumbers, and peas.
Vendor: Nachurs Liquid Fertilizer
Fertilizer Type: Liquid Fertilizer - Micronutrients
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