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Nachurs Liquid Fertilizer | Liquid Fertilizer - Micro Package

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NUTRIENTS SUPPLIED (pounds per gallon)

Iron (Fe) HEDTA 0.04
Magnesium (Mg) EDTA 0.05
Manganese (Mn) EDTA 0.27
Zinc (Zn) EDTA 0.16

Derived from: Iron HEDTA, Magnesium EDTA, Manganese EDTA, and Zinc EDTA. EDTA chelated trace element for prevention and correction of micronutrient deficiency.


  • Weight: 10.35 lbs. per gallon
  • Specific gravity: 1.23-1.25 kg/L
  • pH: 6.5-9.0
  • Appearance: amber/brown liquid
  • Odor: slight musty odor
Vendor: Nachurs Liquid Fertilizer
Fertilizer Type: Liquid Fertilizer - Micro Package
Manufacturer Information
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