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Mycogen Seeds | Soybeans

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  • Excellent standability for all row widths.
  • Strong soybean cyst nematode resistance with good tolerance to sudden death syndrome.
  • Great choice for no-till drilling.
  • Best performance on good ground.

Management Guidelines

  • Excellent standability with good emergence for narrow row planting.
  • Position on better ground for optimum performance.
  • Strong soybean cyst nematode protection with good tolerance to sudden death syndrome.
  • Works well in all row widths and planting systems.
Herbicide Tolerance Roundup Ready® 2 Yield
Relative Maturity 4.0
Descriptive Traits  
Relative Plant Height Medium
Canopy Type Medium-Bushy
Hilum Color Buff
Pubescence Color Gray
Emergence 8
Lodging Resistence 9
Shatter Resistance 8
Adaptation to No-Till 8
Adaptation to Narrow Rows 9
Adaptation to Wide Rows 8
Nematode Tolerance  
Soybean Cyst Nematode R3
Disease Tolerance  
Phytophthora Race Resistance None
Phytophthora Field Tolerance 7
Iron Chlorosis Score -
Brown Stem Rot 7
White Mold 6
Sudden Death Syndrome 7
Frogeye Leaf Spot -
Vendor: Mycogen Seeds
Seeds Type: Soybeans
Seed Tech Sheets
  • Mycogen 5N403R2 Tech Sheet Download this file from our website A link to an external website or file
    5N403R2 Details
    7-9 Good
    4-6 Fair
    0-3 Poor