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  • Trait companion to TA765 family
  • Flex ear and healthy
  • Eastern adapted genetic background with a little tropical included


Traits Genuity VT Double Pro Corn: RIB Complete (RR2/CBx2)
Roundup Ready® 2, Corn Borer (x2)
Grain Yield 1
Silage Use 2
Suggested Use Multi-Purpose, Binder-Friendly Hybrid
GDU to Black Layer 2800
Emergence / Seedling Growth 2
Drought Tolerance 2
Standability 2
Staygreen / Drydown 2
Ear Type Flexible
Ear Placement Medium
Test Weight 2
Plant Height Moderate to Tall
Population Tolerance Medium
Gray Leaf Spot 3
Common Rust 1
Anthracnose Leaf / Stalk 3

Vendor: TA Seeds
Seeds Type: Seed Corn - Multi-Purpose
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