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TillageMax DAYTONA™ Mix

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(Tillage Radish® + CCS Crimson Clover)

Tillage Radish is the only proven yield-boosting cover crop radish, and absorbs soil nitrogen and other key nutrients with its unique taproot that grows 30" and deeper. CCS Crimson Clover converts atmospheric nitrogen into plant available nitrogen, helping reduce fertilizer input while improving soil health by adding organic matter. Maximum nitrogen is achieved at first flower of CCS Crimson Clover. This is a high performance cover crop mix.

Planting: Plant 3 - 10 weeks prior to first killing frost.
Seeding Depth: 0.25 - 1"
Seeding Rate:

  • Drilling: 10 lbs/acre
  • Broadcast/Aerial: 13 - 15 lbs/acre
  • Precision Planting (15" with 1.5" in-row): 8 lbs/acre (Kinze Brush Meter with Backing Plate - 60 Cell Milo Plate)

Control: Tillage Radish winterkills with 3 nights in the mid-teens. CCS Crimson Clover can be controlled by a spring burndown of one pint of 2,4-D type herbicide along with one quart glyphosate.

Vendor: Cover Crop Solutions
Seeds Type: Cover Crops