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TillageMax DOVER™ Mix

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(Tillage Radish® + CCS Oats)

Both excellent scavengers of N, this Tillage Radish and CCS Oats mix will grow rapidly in cool weather and is ideal for quick fall cover. Tillage Radish breaks up soil, even in the compaction zone, with its long, singular taproot to create thick channels 30" or deeper. This mixture enhances seedbeds, provides more ground cover in spring, helps control erosion, works to control harmful nematodes, and will winterkill for easy spring management.

Planting: Plant 3 - 10 weeks prior to first killing frost.
Seeding Depth: 0.5 - 1"
Seeding Rate:

  • Drilling: 25 lbs/acre
  • Broadcast/Aerial: 30 - 45 lbs/acre
  • Precision Planting (15" with 5" in-row): 20 lbs/acre (Kinze Brush Meter with Backing Plate - 60 Cell SoybeanPlate)

Control: Winterkills with 3 nights in the mid-teens. Tillage RootMax or CCS Oats does not winterkill, apply a combination of one pint of 2,4-D type herbicide along with one quart of glyphosate at flowering or heading.

Vendor: Cover Crop Solutions
Seeds Type: Cover Crops