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TillageMax INDY™ Mix

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(Tillage Radish® + Tillage RootMax™ + CCS Crimson Clover)

This 3-way mix provides a combination of deep soil tillage and yield benefits achieved only by Tillage Radish, the soil building improvements of Tillage RootMax and the nitrogen fixing advantages of CCS Crimson Clover for a high performance cover crop mix.

Planting: Plant 3 - 10 weeks prior to first killing frost.
Seeding Depth: 0.25 - 1"
Seeding Rate:

  • Drilling: 15 lbs/acre
  • Broadcast/Aerial: 17 - 20 lbs/acre
  • Precision Planting (15" with 2" in-row): 12 lbs/acre (Kinze Brush Meter with Backing Plate - 60 Cell Milo Plate)

Control: Tillage Radish winterkills with 3 nights in the mid-teens. Tillage RootMax and CCS Crimson Clover require a burndown of one quart of glyphosate with one pint of 2,4-D. Best control is achieved spraying on a warm day between 9am - 4pm with water adjusted to 5.5ph.

Vendor: Cover Crop Solutions
Seeds Type: Cover Crops