About Our Vendors

Turkey Creek Farm is able to bring you a variety of products to meet many of your needs through our multiple partnerships. We work directly with you and our vendors to find the product that will fit your farm perfectly. We make sure that, not only are the products trust worthy and good quality, but so are the people behind it. Just like you need us to have your back, we need to know that our vendors have our back as well as yours. We all know how tough it is to be a part of the agricultural industry these days. Even though we make plans, sometimes accidents still happen. That is why we choose to sell the companies we do. Through replants and disease, broken parts and malfunctions, we can proudly say that Turkey Creek Farm and our vendors will be there with you every step of the way. 

Through our vendors we are able to bring you grain, forage, and cover crop seed. We also proudly carry true solution liquid fertilizer, ag plastics, sisals, strings, and netwraps, as well as liquid storage tanks and sprayers. We invite you to read below about the individual companies that we sell to get to know them as well.